The Exhibition Site Hit Directly | GARIS with Outstanding New Products Standing out Alone

The Exhibition site hit directly | GARIS with outstanding new products standing out alone 

2022 China Guangzhou International Furniture Production Equipment and Accessories Exhibition, grandly opened on July 26. GARIS, well prepared, with the new — soft closing hinge series,attending the international event, for the advanced life providing  more functional hardware solutions, in more lifestyles to show the charm of home.

The immersive experience

Are very popular on site.

With its simple design and bright colors, GARIS stands out among all exhibition exhibitors. The new brand image also shows the GARIS more international, younger brand. Watching and experience, the integration of the craftsmanship, ingenious about the products, attracted many visitors stopping and inquiring, the booth site is extremely popular, visitors in an endless stream.

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New products exhibiting
Visitors yelling “Amazing”

GARIS, more than 20 years working on the brand precipitation, making more to the function of household demand hardware, following the trends, pursuit of perfection, continuous innovation, which exhibiting the new —soft closing hinge series, with exquisite design and excellent quality, telling life advanced taste, every piece of furniture has proper delicate, life aesthetics into daily intravenous drip.

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Soft-closing Hinge Series
Linked your high quality life

GARIS soft-closing hinge series can realize all kinds of furniture design solutions, in different materials, different scenarios, whether the wooden door or wide aluminum frame door can be applied. Hinge force arm using patented roller design, high accuracy, high strength, wear and durable, enduring. Hinge using integrated silent damping system, SCT technology, opening and closing silently and smoothly, high-quality materials, fine technology, humanized design, better linking to furniture, deduce the beauty of high quality life.

Concealed slides
Beautiful and practical

Concealed drawer slides, simple and beautiful. Silently, freely open and close, finding no runners, only beautiful sides. High-quality dampers, noise reduction, gentle and silent . Excellent materials, great load-bearing strength, wear resistance, long time , more secure. More product series, easy installation, can be widely used in the home and various scenarios.

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Simplicity but no simple
Easily putting over your beloved things

GARIS drawer series, using high quality material, slim and light design, smooth and silent, load-bearing strong and other advantages ect, can meet the diversified, personalized furnishing design requirements, easily putting over your beloved things.

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Flexibly divided space

Making your life more easy

Drawer series products and divided accessories together, bringing the space orderly divided, carrying the beauty of life order between wide and narrow, all sizes of items are simple and clear, life from now on bid farewell to messy, starting calm and elegant.

Rich category
Perfect functional hardware solutions

Time makes a classic. In addition to the new soft-closing hinge series, GARIS provides product series also including luxury drawer series, glass drawer series, storage separation series, concealed slide rail series, ball bearing slide rail series and other categories, which also attracted much attention, and was highly recognized and praised by the site visitors. GARIS will continue focusing on the craftsmanship precipitation quality, more professional and more stylish products. Garis is committed to provide more comprehensive, better quality functional hardware solutions for customized home.

2022 International Furniture Production Equipment and Accessories Exhibition Guangzhou, China

 The exhibition will be opening in full swing

Guangzhou Pazhou

Canton Fair Exhibition Hall Area C

Booth No.:S16.3C02


GARIS sincerely invites you to visit us at our booth in the exhibition


Founded in 2001, Gris is a professional home function hardware manufacturer. Dedicated to providing diverse solutions for different home creative Spaces. Sales network covers all the world, providing products for the world-renowned whole home customized enterprises, large home and cabinet manufacturers and providing efficient and quality services

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