Hardware That Elevates Your Cabinet and Furniture Game

Cabinet and furniture hardware is essential for both aesthetic and functional purposes. From providing easy access to drawers and cabinets to adding that final touch of elegance to your furniture, hardware is a crucial component. Here are some hardware options that can take your furniture to the next level:

Drawer Hardware:

Garis Drawer hardware comes in many forms, but some of the most popular include ball bearing drawer slides, soft close drawer slides, and undermount drawer slides. Ball bearing drawer slides offer a heavy-duty solution that can hold more than standard drawer slides. Also, they provide a smoother opening and closing experience compared to regular drawer slides.

On the other hand, soft close drawer slides are more gentle and quieter than their traditional counterparts. They prevent slamming and provide a soft closing relaxing effect that says you care about your furniture and your housemates. Undermount drawer slides are excellent for designer cabinets that have identical drawer fronts. They are mounted on the side of the drawer, ensuring that the hardware remains invisible from the outside.

Full Extension Drawer Slides:

When it comes to maximizing your furniture’s storage space,Garis full extension drawer slides are a perfect choice. They extend the drawer’s full length, resulting in better access to the items stored inside.


Garis hinges and concealed hinges are two excellent types of hardware for cabinets that don’t require external screws. Garis hinges are designed to be hidden, so they are ideal for cabinetry with clean lines. They are adjustable and come in both overlay and inset styles. Concealed hinges also offer the same benefit of invisibly mounting the cabinet doors while providing a soft closing effect.

SlimBox Drawer Systems:

Another innovative hardware option for contemporary drawer designs comes in Garis SlimBox drawer systems. They offer a sleek and straightforward design that looks great in any setting. The system provides versatile cabinet and drawer configurations consisting of excellent finishes and well-thought-out interior fittings to suit your every need. Another variation of this is the SlimBox drawer system, which is made for narrower cabinets.

Soft Closing Double Wall Drawer System:

Garis Soft Closing Double Wall drawer system provides ultra-smooth opening and closing of cabinet drawers. The soft-closing feature is obtained through hydraulic shocks that provide an almost effortless closing of drawers. This hardware option is suitable for high-end cabinetries that aim to create a luxury experience for users.

In conclusion, cabinet and furniture hardware play an essential role in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your furniture. Ball bearing drawer slides, soft close drawer slides, undermount drawer slides, full extension drawer slides, Euro hinges, concealed hinges, SlimBox drawer systems, SlimBox drawer systems, and Soft Closing Double Wall Drawer Systems are just some of the many hardware options that can elevate your furniture to the next level. The right hardware selection depends on budget, style, and functionality requirements. Ultimately, no matter what hardware option you choose, remember to pick something durable and which enhances both the design and functionality of your furniture.

Post time: Apr-10-2023