GARIS won the 2022 “Excellent Hardware Supplier” in Architectural Decoration Industry

On November 26, 2022, Shenzhen Decoration Industry Association officially announced the selection result of “Excellent Suppliers in 2022″, and GARIS Gracis Hardware was successfully selected as the only award-winning home hardware supplier.

As the innovation driver in the home hardware industry, the national high-tech enterprise, GARIS Grace since its establishment in 2001, focusing on research and development and service innovation, is committed to the research and development and manufacturing of high-end home hardware hinge, slide, luxury drawer and other products, for many domestic and foreign high-end well-known furniture enterprises a steady flow of high quality hardware products.

After more than 20 years of intensive cultivation, GARIS Grace brand has obtained hundreds of patents, GARIS Grace all kinds of hardware products sell well at home and abroad, is highly recognized by the brand enterprises. As the products continue to sell well in domestic and foreign markets, GARIS Gris continues to expand territory, the total area of the production base reaches 200,000 square meters, and passed the international quality management ISO9001.SO14001 system certification.

High-end customization pay attention to the “sense of quality” and “sense of experience”, to a large extent, from the choice of hardware. GARIS Gris has always been oriented to the high-end market, adhere to independent innovation and research and development, has three production bases in the world, built research centers and experimental centers on the basis of the original production, the introduction of a variety of international latest production equipment, to create the most advanced and complete automatic production line in China. Almost the whole line of closed-loop independent production processing plants, focus on research and development, focus on quality, fine service quality, the four words of high-end customization are implemented in every place of product output.

Innovation has always been the driving force to drive the brand forward. It is the lifelong pursuit of GARIS people to subvert the traditional hardware product concept and improve the texture and beauty of household hardware in a novel way. “On the consumer side, we believe that as long as the design, quality and brand reputation are good, we can naturally attract more and more high-end life seekers. The world famous whole house custom enterprises, large household cabinet manufacturers came, and Grace reached a strategic cooperation agreement.

And this year Grace comprehensive upgrade, to build the brand with online exposure + offline focus on the sense of experience model, greatly improve the brand influence. “When appropriate, we will do some online heat, publicity, offline exhibition and other publicity synchronously, double drainage to promote Grace brand exposure, increase and enhance industry awareness. We want to reach as many people in need as possible.” So far, GARIS Grace products have been sold to 72 countries and regions around the world, and its export share has been increasing year by year.

In the future, Grace will live up to its mission, adhere to the quality and innovative spirit of product manufacturing, so that customers can not only buy the best products, but also enjoy the best quality service.


Post time: Mar-08-2023